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  • Negative pressure wound therapy foam series

    NPWT foam series is a bio-compatible reticulated foam perfectly and proven certified for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), supplied in both standard and anti-microbial grades.

    1. Reticulated PU foam, perfectly open-celled

    2. ISO 10993 Bio-compatible

    3. Proven efficacious and safe using “Inos Silver” technology

    4. Ester grades have special high tensile and tear strength

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Featured Technology

Foam Technology

Foam is our core technology. Our parent company, INOAC, has been a pioneer in polyurethane foam since 1954. Since then, we have expanded our market from consumer goods to industrial and high-tech applications. More recently, we are expanding into medical and aerospace applications. As we continue to develop new foaming products and processes, our . . . → Read More: Foam Technology